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Although various kinds of metal processing involve physical
techniques such as cutting, pressing and casting that change the shape of materials, plating is known as a chemical metal proces sing technique. Compared with increasingly echanized metal processing,human roles in the three elements of production management (humans, materials and equipment) are extremely important in pl ating and are easily impacted by environmental factors.
Muramatsu Seisakusho strives to develop human resources with an emphasis on boosting the skills of those that handle electrochemical reacti ons and manage reactive elements that subtly change from moment to moment.
We work hard every day to deliver items entrusted to us by cust omers in a perfect state by leveraging know-how accumulated over many years in highly unstable specialty plating processes, and throu gh the unrivalled skills of our professionals.

Muramatsu Seisakusho


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Hard chrome plating (max. size 3,800 x 900 x 900mm)

Specialized over many years in hard chrome plating of blades, we guarantee our quality backed up by extensive know-how and skill.

Subcontracted Processing, Analysis/Diagnosis

Techniques include determining the cause of plating peeling, as well as non-destructive film thickness measurement and cross-sectional surface thickness measurement.

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